Is Midas Coming Back to Fortnite? Epic Games Offers Possible Hint

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Midas has been introduced as one of the Legendary Outfits of the battle royale game Fortnite, and he is also part of the Golden Ghost Set. Therefore, there’s no wonder why a lot of fans want him back in the game.

Epic Games might have already hinted at a possible return of Midas to Fortnite after the launch of the v21.10 update. That hint might be represented by an old character.

Meowscles predicts the return of Midas in Fortnite?

Chapter 3 Season 3 of Fortnite recently began, and it brought along plenty of exciting stuff. We can remember “DaDoor,” for instance, a new feature that caused a lot of fuss and excitement until it finally revealed its secrets. But Fortnite has a lot more in store for the fans!

Meowscles is one of the new NPCs that are present in the v21.10 update and’s also the pet of Midas. Feel free to check out the video below made by YouTuber “EveryDay FN,” and you can easily conclude what Epic Games’ hint actually is for a possible return of Midas:

If you still need extra motivation to play Fortnite, you should be aware that the Social Tags feature is coming to the game soon! You’ll be able to use it in order to find other people with similar gameplay as you.

Epic Games explains more about the Social Tags feature:

Express how you play Fortnite! With the new option to add social tags to your profile, select up to three for other players to see. You can choose tags that express your favorite game mode(s) (2v2, Deathrun, Free For All, etc.), your gameplay vibe(s) (Chill, Mic Off, Mic On, etc.), and your preferred competitive event(s) (Cosmetic Cup, Hype Cup, Lightning Cup, etc.). You’ll also be recommended Fortnite experiences based on your social tags.

Sure, in the end, you need to take the speculation with a grain of salt. Time is ultimately the only factor that will reveal the truth behind what’s coming up in Fortnite.

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