Dragon Ball FighterZ: Update 1.31 is Coming Very Soon

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Dragon Ball FighterZ (DBFZ) keeps being not just another Dragon Ball game, as Bandai is already preparing to release the 1.31 update. The rollout will start tomorrow, June 29, which means that you’d better keep your gaming rig connected to the internet!

The new update focuses on balance adjustments, and the team behind the update recommends the players try more characters than before when they hop right back into the updated game.

The development team was very clear in their announcement:

In this patch, we are adjusting the balance of all characters, based on the play status and feedbacks we’ve received from the community after the balance adjustment made last August, and the addition of “Android 21 (Lab Coat)” in February this year.

We hope that everyone will take this opportunity to try out not only the characters you are familiar with, but also those you have not used much until now.

Android 21 is getting some nerfs in this game, a move that was very expected. We’re talking about a powerful android that’s also a gorgeous female scientist.

Initially, when the Dragon Ball FighterZ game was released, it included 21 playable characters. During the gameplay itself, the player had the possibility to unlock three extra characters. Other 20 characters got released in the form of paid DLCs along with the ‘FighterZ Passes’ series.

If you’re willing to buy Dragon Ball FighterZ, you can benefit from a special promotion by purchasing it from Steam for only 8.99 euros for the standard edition until July 7! Until the same date, you can grab the FighterZ Edition for just 14.24 euros or the Ultimate Edition for 16.49 euros. All of these editions are heavily discounted!

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Let us know on which one of these platforms do you prefer running the game!


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