Pedro Pascal Offers Details About “The Last Of Us” TV Adaptation

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It seems like HBO’s The Last of Us will meet expectations as Pedro Pascal, who portrays Joel, tells enthusiastic fans and new audiences that they will be delighted with their viewing experience.
Despite the fact that many fans are keeping their hopes high that HBO’s version of The Last of Us will be authentic to the game, Pedro Pascal has said in an interview with magazine Neelix, that there is no reason to be concerned.

During the 11-question interview, which largely focused on Pascal’s role in The Mandalorian and also how, if he weren’t an actor, he’d likely still be a Chilean problem kid, he also went into some depth about his portrayal as Joel in HBO’s The Last of Us, which aired earlier this year.

“Shooting has already started and it’s so much fun and something completely new for me and a great opportunity to show my fans a different side to me. I think the adaption is more than capable of competing with the game. I have absolutely no doubts that we will not disappoint fans and new viewers,” declared Pedro.

At the present, there isn’t even a hint of a trailer for the HBO program; nevertheless, we are certain that one will be released in the coming weeks. Fans’ anticipation is practically at boiling pitch at this moment, so a tasty trailer, no matter how brief, will help to keep the fans’ excitement at high levels.

HBO’s The Last of Us first season will consist of 10 episodes, with the very first season taking place immediately after the first game in the series. We also don’t have a launch date for the film yet; all we know is that it will be shown this year. Let’s hope that the soon-to-be-released trailer will put a stop to all of our uncertainty.

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