OnePlus Fold Has a Potential Release Date

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After a long wait, OnePlus fans finally get confirmation that their favorite brand is launching a foldable smartphone at some point this year. The announcement comes from OnePlus itself, so there’s no room for doubt. It seems like only a matter of time until more and more companies will join the bandwagon, meaning the foldable smartphones business.

After Samsung, Huawei, and other tech giants, OnePlus will also bring its own foldable device later this year. It will be another opportunity for the Chinese giant to prove that it’s one of the best companies out there when it comes to manufacturing high-quality phones.

OnePlus Fold could launch in August 2023

Thanks to Max Jambor, who is a well-known leakster, we can place our bets on August 2023 to be the period when the upcoming OnePlus Fold comes out. The man didn’t provide any more details about the release or the specifications of the device in question.

However, all hints indicate that we’re talking about a flagship. The OnePlus Fold will likely carry an octa-core processor, a battery of 5,000mAh, as well as a main AMOLED display that reaches an incredible measurement of 8.3 inches.

Only time will tell for sure what the future OnePlus Fold will be capable of. But even so, history has proven that OnePlus generally releases high-quality products when it needs to. Judging by the current economic situation of the world, Chinese companies have all the interest to keep the stakes as high as they can, including when it comes to smartphones.

The benefits of foldable smartphones are undeniable. You get a much larger display when you need it, and you can also fold it back when you don’t need so many pixels at a time. You could even consider foldable smartphones as books, as both can be unfolded when needed.

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