‘Batty Zabella’ is a New Horror Comedy Game Available for Game Boy – Watch Trailer

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Who doesn’t like horror games? Let’s be honest, pretty much any gamer out there likes them, and that’s perfectly fine! The Game Boy handheld console is also not dead, contrary to what some people are tempted to believe.

‘Batty Zabella’ is the moniker for a brand new horror comedic game that will probably keep many gamers glued to their chairs and gaming rigs. Those willing to play something completely new and different can now give ‘Batty Zabella’ a try, as the game is playable by those who have a Game Boy console at home.

Jonas Ek stated via TGG:

The Dallas-based (Texas, the US) indie games developer The Retro Room Games are today very happy and excited to announce that their retro point-and-click horror comedy game “Batty Zabella”, is now physically available for the Game Boy via The Retro Room Games store page.

Batty Zabella will clearly put your mind to work a lot, as one of the main features of the game is solving puzzles and uncovering mysteries in order to progress to the next level. You’ll also have to find ways of getting rid of evil spirits and saving the family of Batty Zabella.

You clearly won’t get bored while playing the new game, however, as there is plenty of humor going on there as well in order to give you a much more pleasant vibe despite the fact that we’re talking about a horror game.

Surely most hardcore gamers nowadays won’t even start playing a game like Batty Zabella, as there are no interesting graphics there. But even so, each and every one of us need to admit that retro games represented the very foundation of gaming, as they’ve led to the evolution of much more popular games.

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