Dragon Ball x LEGO Collab Revives the Cell Saga

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Image by Rafael Javier from Pixabay

If you’re a Dragon Ball fan, you just have to love the Cell Saga. That’s the period when Gohan first became a Super Saiyan and even ascended that level all the way to Super Saiyan 2. That’s also the saga when Goku and Gohan trained together as father and son.

During the Cell Saga, the diabolical menace known as Cell has been brought to life by Dr. Gero. Cell was a biological android created using the cells of the best fighters that have ever roamed the Earth. In other words, Cell’s bag was full of dirty tricks. The Special Beam Cannon, the Kamehameha Wave, the Destructo Disc, you name it. Cell was capable of using them all.

Thanks to a new collaboration, we are being proven that it is totally possible to implement the Cell Saga from Dragon Ball Z into the LEGO world. Surely you could complain about the lack of good animation, but even so, you can surely tell who are the characters exposed:

It’s amazing to see Cell in three of his forms: Imperfect Cell, Cell Jr., and Perfect Cell. We can all remember how strong the Cell Juniors were back in the day when the Z warriors had to confront them. Even Goku got defeated by one of those, while the whole purpose was to make Gohan mad enough in order to unleash his inner powers. But Cell didn’t have any idea what a huge mistake he would commit.

We can also see Gohan in the costume he got from Piccolo. The young Saiyan, who was only 11 at that time, was able to surpass even his father, Goku, in strength and put up a great fight against Cell. Everyone remained speechless at Gohan’s tremendous abilities and powers that were high enough to pose a challenge to Cell.

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