The Redmi Note 12 Turbo Edition Is Expected To Be Released With An Innovative New Screen Function

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Redmi, the primary mobile device sub-brand for Xiaomi, is said to be adding a new Turbo Edition to its new Note 12 range of smartphones in the very near future. It is believed that the variety is comparable to its siblings in certain respects, but possessing possibly superior and more recent specifications than some of its siblings. It is currently speculated that it will arrive with hardware that has been absent from the series up to this point.

Redmi has already released the Note 12 Pro Speed Edition, and now it is speculated that the Xiaomi subsidiary would follow it up with a Turbo model of the same smartphone. This rumored future addition to the company’s mid-range phone line-up is already anticipated to arrive with distinct benefits over the vanilla 12, such as an update to MIUI 14 out of the box and an opportunity to premiere the Snapdragon 7 Gen 2 SoC featured in the package.

The term “Note 12 Turbo” has also been uncovered in a fresh leak, which lends credence to the notion that Redmi has been holding back something special for this Edition. Debayan Roy claims that it will come equipped with a fingerprint scanner that is embedded directly into the display.

Despite the fact that the whole Note 12 series, including the high-powered Discovery Edition, all feature OLED panels, that technology is not included in any of them. It could appear ready to be almost standard in the majority of new mid-range Android phones by now; nevertheless, it is not present in any of those devices.

Even without gimmicks like 210W charging, it seems likely that Redmi will release the Turbo Edition at a price range that is somewhat more than the majority of the devices in the Note 12-series. This is the case even if the Turbo Edition does in fact exist.

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