WhatsApp May Soon Allow You To Share Pictures At Their Original Resolution

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WhatsApp is developing on a feature that will allow users to send photographs without compressing the quality.  WhatsApp compresses all photographs sent via it, significantly decreasing the resolution of any shared images, to assist limit server load and preserve space on a user’s phone. Automatic, Best Quality, and Data Saving are the three picture quality settings presently available in Whatsapp.  In spite of selecting “Best Quality,” the program still reduces the picture for quicker data transmission.

WABetaInfo reports that Whatsapp is working on adding a new option to the drawing tool’s header where users may adjust the picture quality.  With this new feature, you’ll be able to send pictures in their full, high-resolution glory.  When sending a picture over Whatsapp, users may now click the new option in the drawing tool’s header to restore the image’s former quality. WABetaInfo reports that the functionality is being worked on and will be included in an upcoming version of the Whatsapp app. Many users of the site anticipate that the new feature will not apply to videos.

If Whatsapp implements the change, it might cause storage problems for users. In order to speed up picture delivery, WhatsApp presently reduces image size by as much as 70%. Less storage space is required for the compressed images compared to the originals. The recipient’s phone may fill up quickly if WhatsApp users can transmit photos in high resolution. Disabling WhatsApp’s automatic media download feature is a good first step toward avoiding this problem. Thus, the app will no longer automatically download high-resolution images.

One of the most widely used messaging applications, WhatsApp is used by over two billion people every month to share messages, including media like photographs and videos. One of WhatsApp’s key rivals, Telegram, also uses automated picture compression. However, it also lets you upload photos in their unaltered form if you choose.


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