Smart Reply For Android Is Being Discontinued In Google Voice

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Google Voice is a digital telephone service that has been active for more than a decade, offering people in the United States digital telephone services such as calling and messaging. The service has progressed during its tenure on the market, providing customers with more functionality as well as improved service quality. Users of Google Voice will no longer be able to send a Smart Reply in response to incoming messages since this functionality was removed in a recent software upgrade.

Users have been given a new option for responding to text messages with the introduction of Google’s Smart Reply to the app almost a year ago. For those who aren’t aware with Smart Reply, the tool provides users with recommended answers to text messages as they come in. The recommended answers did not always provide users with excellent solutions; but, when they were appropriately given, they did provide users with a fast and simple manner to react. In addition to that, the Smart Reply functionality may be found on other Google platforms.

It is unknown why the firm decided to remove the capability from the app, despite the fact that it is very unlikely that users would miss the functionality in its entirety. Additionally, Google eliminated Smart Reply from the Google Voice application for iOS, although this change took place a few of weeks ago. However, if you were truly excited about the Smart Reply feature, you should know that it is now a built-in component of Android and can be accessed via incoming alerts. This means that you will still be able to make use of the Smart Reply functionality in some capacity.

You can always use one of the many fantastic messaging apps that are available if you do not feel particularly bound to the concept of having a phone number. This is an option that is always open to you. When compared to Google Voice, these applications will give superior tools and capabilities, and they are more general in their applicability when it comes to connecting with individuals in other countries.

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