Facebook Will Resemble TikTok After New Changes

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Who said that Facebook and TikTok have nothing in common? Of course, both apps are full of gifted influencers who never share anything that lacks exciting content, but there are still a lot of differences.

TikTok focuses more on videos, and perhaps that’s the area where Facebook can apply some interesting stuff. According to Axios, the Facebook app will go through some significant changes that will make it resemble TikTok when it comes to the videos chosen through algorithms. The changes were announced by Meta itself, according to the publication mentioned, which means that there aren’t reasons to have any doubts.

Updates for the News Feed

In a matter of days, the Home screen of the Facebook app will resemble TikTok a lot. The feed will include mostly videos, which is already reminding us of the Chinese app. These videos will be suggested to the user based on an algorithm. It will also be possible to access Stories and Reels directly from the Home screen.

TikTok is currently one of the most popular social apps out there, although it seems to focus more on video content rather than the social aspect itself. Across the world, there are currently over 1 billion monthly active users of TikTok. That’s a lot for an app released only 6 years ago, and there aren’t signs at this point that ByteDance’s software will lose notoriety anytime soon.

On the other hand, Facebook counts almost 3 billion users that are active every month.

You’ll only have to wait for a maximum of one week to get your hands on the changes for the Facebook app. Once they arrive, feel free to tell us in the comment section how much you like them!


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