LG Reveals Price and Release Date for Its 240Hz OLED UltraGear Gaming Monitors

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Running the latest Call of Duty on your laptop is one thing, but playing the game on a large OLED monitor that features a high refresh rate is clearly the next level. That’s what LG has to offer now, as the famous brand is working on powerful OLED gaming monitors that can reach a refresh rate of 240Hz. That’s double the refresh rate compared to pretty much any flagship smartphone existing on the market!

LG now unveils the new 27-inch and 45-inch UltraGear gaming monitors (aka models 27GR95QE and 45GR95QE). Both models are launching in the US, and they feature the world’s first 240Hz OLED panel. You already have the chance to pre-order either one of the monitors from the official website of LG. Furthermore, that will make you eligible for a special offer of receiving a free UltraGear Gaming Pad that costs $199.99 ARV. You will also get to benefit from free expedited two-day shipping.

Running your favorite games on such monitors will indeed be something different for so many reasons! For instance, the 27-inch monitor will feature the Anti-glare & Low Reflection (AGLR) panel of LG.

Prices start at $1,000

The response times offered by the new gaming monitors from LG are more than many have even dreamed that can be possible: 0.03 milliseconds. This means that it’s practically impossible to feel any difference of time as you launch a command from the keyboard, waiting for the monitor to react. It will all happen instantly.

While the 27-inch model will cost $1000, the 45-inch version will be up for grabs at $1700. In other words, the two monitors are nothing but cheap, but surely they deserve those prices if we take a peek at the list of specs.

Pre-orders for either one of the new LG gaming monitors are expected to ship in January 2023.

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