Dragon Ball Fan Film Makes Vegeta the Star of the Show

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Even now, in the Dragon Ball Super manga or during the Dragon Ball Super anime that should finally make a comeback in 2023 according to a reliable source, Vegeta has always been left aside a lot. Many fans were hoping to see the Saiyan Prince be the hero of an arc for once, but it never happened.

One rumor claimed that Akira Toriyama even made Vegeta lose so many times on purpose just because the fans wanted the opposite. It’s true that Vegeta did some horrible things in his past, like killing innocent people. He even tried to destroy the whole Earth when he first arrived in the early episodes of Dragon Ball Z. Therefore, the Saiyan Prince might still need to pay for those sins of the past, which might be reasonable. But even so, Vegeta went through some huge transformations, becoming one of the good guys and fighting to save the Earth many times. So why wouldn’t he receive some credit for once?

The new ‘Legend – A Dragon Ball Tale’ fan film gives Vegeta his needed glory

Vegeta is the king of all Saiyans in the fan film known as ‘Legend – A Dragon Ball Tale.’ He also becomes a Super Saiyan before Goku, and both of the beloved fighters appear in the Martial Arts Tournament, where Goku and Chi Chi agree to marry one another. Vegeta confronts Broly, and the rest of the story is pretty much useless.

Feel free to watch the fan film below:

What’s interesting is that in the original Dragon Ball anime, Vegeta was most probably a lot stronger than Goku when the latter got married. But at that point, Vegeta was nowhere to be found in the anime, as he was introduced later. So there is a good chance that the plot from the fan film could be possible in the original Dragon Ball story that’s running somewhere in a parallel Universe where Yamcha might also be the strongest fighter in the Universe.


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