Dragon Ball Daima: Top Plots We Need to See in the New Anime

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Dragon Ball Daima is just around the corner, the brand new Dragon Ball anime that’s scheduled to debut this fall. Goku and the gang will once again have to prove to the world that they can be the best fighters and heroes in the Universe.

Dragon Ball Daima has a pretty unique plot to offer: Goku and the rest of the Z warriors will become kids as a result of a spell cast by an evil character. While we don’t exactly know the identity of that character, we do know that it’s a demon who’s up to no good.

Even though not all Dragon Ball fans are happy about the idea of Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Master Roshi, and the others becoming children, Dragon Ball Daima could still offer us a lot of exciting twists and turns regarding the plot. Let’s see what we really need to see in the forthcoming anime:

Vegeta becomes the hero of an arc

A lot of Dragon Ball fans are upset that Vegeta always loses against the major villain in Dragon Ball. It happened when the Saiyan Prince fought Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, Jiren, Omega Shenron, and others. Frieza even killed Vegeta on Namek, Buu humiliated him, and Baby even stole and possessed his body in Dragon Ball GT.

Most of the time, it’s Goku the one who gets all or most of the credit when it comes to defeating the major villains. Vegeta was just there to provide some help but not give the final blow.

As for Dragon Ball Daima, it would really be the time for Vegeta to shine for once and take down the major villain. While we can’t say for sure that it will happen, such a scenario is indeed demanded by numerous fans of the beloved franchise.

Make Gohan great again!

Gohan, the son of Goku and Chi Chi, has been turned into a devoted scholar once again in Dragon Ball Super. However, the show gave Gohan a much more important role in the Tournament of Power arc, but it still felt like it wasn’t enough. Let’s not forget that the son of Gohan has been the hero of an important arc back in Dragon Ball Z, even though he was just an 11-year-old Super Saiyan. It’s that kind of role that Gohan fans want for their favorite character, and there’s no wonder why.

It has been said right from the beginning of Dragon Ball Z that Gohan has been gifted with tremendous fighting potential. He proved it so many times in battles against Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, and even Majin Buu. Gohan in Dragon Ball Daima could sure need that kind of a main role!

More brains for Goku

It’s not a secret that Dragon Ball Super, the anime that ended back in 2018, has seriously downgraded Goku’s character. Although the beloved Saiyan had its genius moments throughout the show, he still proved to lack serious decency and knowledge in thinking and behavior, as he was often portrayed as a guy too obsessed with fighting. Some even claim that Goku is to blame for Zeeno’s desire to erase entire universes from existence, as the Tournament of Power happened because of our hero. While such a claim is still debatable, it still proves that even Goku can make some dangerous mistakes, although not necessarily deliberate.

We would definitely appreciate seeing Goku act in a more controlled, smart, and responsible way in Dragon Ball Daima, but only time will tell for sure if that will be the case or not.



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