Ads Appearing on Phone Lock Screens Represent the New Wonderful Idea of an AI Company

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Let’s be honest on this one: nobody likes ads, except for those who generate income through them. Therefore, someone had the brilliant idea that ads should appear even on the lock screens of smartphones.

TechCrunch reveals that an anonymous source claims that ads could appear directly on the lock screen of a few phone models. Glance, an AI company, could launch a lock screen platform for Android phones in just a few months.

Along with iOS 16, which is still a few months away from getting released in its final form, Apple made it possible for the lock screen to become more customizable by the users. The Cupertino-based giant seemed to have created a new perspective for the lock screen, somehow revealing that it can also be the area where companies can add extra information. But ironically enough, this can act to the disadvantage of the users, as some can consider it a good idea to infiltrate that area in more ‘unwanted’ ways. Seriously, who would be happy to see ads on the lock screen of his own phone, replacing his favorite wallpaper, some notifications, and even the time and date? Probably nobody.

There are no exact names given for any brands or models at this point, but knowing how trends usually evolve when it comes to placing ads where users want them less, we shouldn’t be surprised if they’ll become more and more prevalent on the lock screens of many phone models!

What is your opinion on the subject? We surely would be surprised to hear anyone who likes the idea of ads appearing on the lock screen of his phone! But who knows, the world works in mysterious ways!

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