Some Subscription Apps Will Charge Users More Money Without Their Explicit Permission, Thanks to Apple

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You know what they say that nothing is truly free in this world – it even applies to the things that are apparently free. Subscription apps are something that many of us need, but they become a real pain once they go a bit off the charts.

According to The Verge, Apple makes it possible so that subscriptions have the possibility of auto-renewing without the need for the user’s explicit permission. This is available even if those in charge of the app have raised the fee. But still, there’s no use getting mad and running over to the Apple HQ to throw tomatoes at them.

Subscription apps will still need to follow strict rules

You must keep in mind that users will still receive a notification about any upcoming price change, which is pretty much all you need to know about the subject.

Apple wrote the following:

For all subscription price increases that are above the thresholds, exceed the annual limit, or occur within territories where the law requires it, subscribers must opt in before the price increase is applied. The subscription won’t renew at the next billing period for subscribers who didn’t opt in to the new price. They can always resubscribe within the app, from Settings on iPhone and iPad, or in the App Store on Mac.

Apple also seems to keep focusing on the hardware area as much as possible. We’re expecting to see iPhone 14 released later this year, probably around September. At least when it comes to the chipset, iPhone 13 was significantly superior to its predecessor, the iPhone 12 lineup. This was due to the addition of the A15 chipset.

Common sense tells us that iPhone 14 should be even better than iPhone 13, and perhaps time will prove it in just a few months.



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