Boruto: What Is In Store For Chapter 70?

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Eida’s terrifying talents were shown in the previous episode of Boruto, when the freshly reconstituted Kara made a move on Konohagakure. Fans watched Shikamaru and Amado requesting aid from Naruto and Sasuke via Ino, but against Eida’s amazing ability to bewitch anybody, regardless of gender, they don’t really have a chance.

What’s next for Chapter 70?

This was shown to fans when Eida faced Shikamaru and Delta simultaneously and beat them both with her skills at the same time.” Meanwhile, Amado went into considerable detail regarding Eida’s abilities, revealing how she can reduce anybody in her path to servitude, regardless of their actual capability. Unexpectedly, Eida was able to tell Shikamaru exactly what she was up to, allowing him to devise a plan to stop her, which will be explored in further detail in Boruto Chapter 70.

By revealing her only motive for aiding Code was her love for Kawaki at the conclusion of the previous chapter to Shikamaru, Shikamaru came up with an interesting suggestion. As opposed to battling her, Shikamaru arranged for her to meet Kawaki at Konohagakure. Code is surprised by Konohagakure’s efforts to stop him, since he didn’t anticipate them to go to such measures to do so.

This is a great opportunity for Eida. It’s important to remember that Eida isn’t working with Code because he needs her support. Eida should not hesitate to give up her ambitions with Code and team up with Konohagakure if she sees a better deal. In the end, she’ll only stand up for the people who help her have a stronger relationship with Kawaki, and that’s the people of Konohagakure right now. Eida may swap sides in Boruto Chapter 70 and join Code instead.

In addition, Boruto Chapter 70 may introduce the series’ newest antagonist, Daemon, who has yet to make a debut. Eida has a trump card in Daemon, but being a blood cousin, he is also the only one who can stand up to her abilities. It is possible that Daemon will join Code’s side if Code can persuade him to. For better or worse, what happens in the next episode of Boruto sets up the climactic showdown that we’ve been anticipating for this arc.

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