Pokemon GO: Niantic Aims to Improve Map Quality By Location Editing

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Pokemon GO is easily one of the top augmented reality games out there, but even so, some players might complain about some possible flaws. Actually, there might be no video game on the planet that never gets any kind of complaints.

Niantic, one of the developer companies in charge of Pokemon GO, now wants to improve the map quality of the game. This certainly cannot be something wrong. But perhaps the way it wants to do it could upset some players. According to the GOHUB, Niantic wants to make location edits in order to achieve its goal.

15,000 Wayspots from major cities will have more accurate locations

Here’s how the related forum post from Niantic itself sounds:

We wanted to let you know that we are embarking on a project to improve the location accuracy of up to 15K Wayspots in total, between several major cities. These Wayspots will typically be smaller objects and discrete places such as statues, sculptures, signage, murals, and entrance locations to help improve existing and future gameplay experiences that rely on good location accuracy. This will help improve future AR game experiences at these locations across Niantic games.

Pokemon GO is available in many countries in Europe and also in the USA. The whole beauty of the game lies in the fact that you need to travel and explore the surroundings in order to progress. You need to capture Pokemon, train them, and engage them in battles. You can’t do it unless you explore the real world. This apparently simple but unique concept of Pokemon GO is what made the game tremendously popular very fast.

In 2020, Pokemon GO was known to have about 166 million players. As of late January 2022, the augmented-reality game had about 79 million monthly users.

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