Check Out the Official Announcement Trailer for GreedFall 2

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GreedFall 2 promises to offer an even deeper RPG experience than the one of the first game of the series. The developers from Spiders want to release the new game next year. While we would surely want to know more about when exactly the game is coming out, we can expect more info from the developers on that subject soon enough.

We also know that GreedFall 2 will be available for PC without any data about a possible iteration for any other platform. But our guess is that there’s just not enough information about the subject yet. It would be absurd for a game like GreedFall 2 to be available only as a PC version.

The trailer reveals tense battles

There’s the official announcement trailer for the game available, and it shows some tense fights that involve pretty gruesome creatures:

The game’s Steam page tells us a few important things about the story:

This time you play as a native of Teer Fradee, uprooted by force from your island and taken to the continent of Gacane, where the colonists are from. In this old world ravaged by war and scarred by the Malichor plague and the political scheming of the different factions, you need to regain your freedom and control of your own destiny. Using diplomacy, cunning or combat, as well as help from allies you make, it’s up to you to end one man’s ambitions of conquest, which could spell the end for the continent and your island.

As for the planned release date, the same source tells us nothing more than it’s “coming soon.”

Is it just us, or are RPGs becoming more popular and prevalent than ever in recent years? Feel free to leave us your own opinion in the comment section of this article!

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