Vanguard Glitch: Some Hands Are in the Way and Fans Are Not Excited

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Giant hands seem to be a big problem in Vanguard, and here’s how to fix it

Awful glitches that affect multiplayer games are nothing new to Vanguard gamers. Despite Sledgehammer Games’ best efforts, issues such as players’ displays flipping continue to appear.

As the attention shifts to the debut of Season 3, Operators frequently surface as factors that create issues and glitches, and it appears that the characters are once again impacting gameplay.

This time, Operators are making it hard for players to see their surroundings or any potential enemies approaching them.

What’s with the hand glitch?

During one match, a Reddit user shared an issue with the hands of the character completely getting in the way of players’ view.

The hands of the player let go of the weapon, and then covered the monitor, a thing that prevented him from moving anywhere. Other players have commented about a similar glitch that appeared on Modern Warfare and Warzone. This means that the problem took place in the game engine.

Others said that the problem comes from the use of the Sten submachine gun.

Can I fix the problem?

It looks that players who are seeking a viable solution to this extremely annoying bug will have to switch Operators or avoid using the Sten completely until Sledgehammer Games releases a fix. Of course, having to deal with another glitch is not an easy thing to do, but the start of Season 3 may potentially provide an opportunity to solve a number of problems that have been bothering gamers.

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