Playing Retro Games Via PlayStation Plus Becomes Expensive

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Sony’s PlayStation Plus service has been known to offer top games along with its glorious history. Titles such as Fortnite, Elder Ring, Dying Light 2, Zombie Army 4, Uncharted 4, FIFA 22, and many others are available through the subscription service.

But PlayStation Plus also has an impressive collection of retro games to offer. You know, those old titles that many adult gamers had been playing when they were little. Some people still prefer to run games originally released for the PSP (PlayStation Portable), PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, or even the very first PlayStation console released in 1994. Sony has a pleasing surprise for those nostalgic folks!

A Premium PlayStation Plus subscription can grant access to retro games

According to The Verge, Sony’s new subscription tiers for the PlayStation Plus service include a Premium area that offers the possibility of running precisely those retro games mentioned earlier! Oddly enough, Premium is the most expensive option.

If you’re among those who are nostalgic enough for retro PlayStation games, or you’re really passionate about them, it’s good to know that the Premium option will require a fee of $17.99 per month. You’ll get a discount if you want the service for three months, as you’ll have to pay $49.99 instead of $53.97. There’s even the possibility of getting one full year of PlayStation Plus’ Premium subscription, and you’ll need to pay $119.99 for it.

The official blog post reveals that purchasing a Premium subscription will also grant you all of the advantages present in both Essential and Extra, meaning the other two tiers of the renewed PlayStation Plus service. Essential and Extra contain a lot of “normal” games, discounts, cloud storage options, online multiplayer access, and more.

Would you also be willing to play some retro PlayStation games? If so, feel free to tell us which ones are your favorites and why!

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