Intel’s Powerful Arc Series Video Cards Become Available for Laptops

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Surely replacing your GPU from time to time represents an efficient way of remaining up-to-date with the latest trends in the gaming world. That way, you can also keep having the chance to play the latest titles very often. But since in 2022 it’s pretty uncomfortable to keep a desktop computer, even when it comes to gaming, you should definitely consider buying a powerful laptop.

Since you can’t upgrade the graphics card of your laptop anytime it becomes obsolete, you’ll have to choose wisely what laptop to buy. That’s why you might be interested in Intel’s new Arc series GPUs. The famous corporation headquartered in Santa Clara just launched some new GPUs for laptops, according to IGN.

Intel’s Arc 3, Arc 5, and Arc 7 come first

The Arc 3, Arc 5, and Arc 7 are the first models of the GPUs in question to become available. While you could already get your hands on Arc 3, you’ll have to wait a few months more for Arc 5 and Arc 7. While Arc 3 is capable of running Full HD gaming with high FPSs, you can already try to imagine how powerful the other two models might be!

Intel itself says that there are “many ways to play” when it comes to the new GPUs, and the famous company says via its website:

Intel® Arc™ graphics products built on gaming-first Codename Alchemist SoCs will be available in desktops, add-in-cards, and notebook form factors from global partners in 2022.

But if you’re still madly in love with desktop computers, there’s no need to worry! Intel will make its new GPUs available for desktops as well this summer. All you need now is to remain patient.

If you are willing to have an enhanced gaming experience from your machine, you should already consider buying one of Intel’s new GPUs!

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