Warzone: Players Want a New Map

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Warzone players have been in Caldera for a little over a month now, but some of them are already waiting for changes. Even if Season 1 Reloaded has a brand-new map, it has many things to work on. The point of interest is the biggest one in Caldera, which gives players the perfect vantage point. However, the problem is that the surrounding area comes with many empty hills, that are placed around the outer edges of the island.

So what’s with the map changes?

If we are to compare it to Verdansk, Caldera has vibrant colors, and it has become quite popular, but it does not really have interesting locations. It seems that it’s time for a change. A user on Reddit stated: “I’m getting real bored of the new map. The center of the map is mostly hilly, barren nothingness.” Most of the matches are ending in the center of Caldera, so we know why players might get frustrated. Most of them say that the map sucks.

Will the map really change?

So many people want the center of Caldera to have more empty fields and foliage, and we’re waiting for some modifications on the map. Raven Software hasn’t really revealed any info about upcoming changes to Caldera, but many think that the inactive volcano that is underneath will cause some changes at some point. Maybe an in-game event? Imagine that and how it could change the history of the game.

Whether if the map will change or not, it’s worth mentioning that the game is still one of our favorites. As of now, we’re waiting to hear more on this.

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