It Becomes Easier to Hit the Snooze Button Thanks to a New Google Clock Update

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Waking up in the morning is like trying to escape from a maximum-security prison; it’s nearly impossible without the aid of a trusty snooze button. But what do you do when your phone’s alarm has betrayed you and doesn’t even have a decent snooze button?

You’re left to face the harsh reality of the morning with nothing but the sound of birds chirping and the sun shining on your face. It’s like being thrown into a pool of ice-cold water without any warning.

You try to hit the snooze button on your phone, but it’s like trying to push a boulder up a mountain. You end up just smacking the phone across the room, and it’s still blaring in your ear.

You stumble out of bed, bleary-eyed and disoriented, like a zombie in the morning, thinking “why did I ever set the alarm on my phone, why not just use a rooster as an alarm clock?”

But thanks to a new update from Google Clock for the Alarm app, those days will finally be over!

Google’s Clock 7.4 update makes it easy for you to stop the alarm

Thanks to a recent tweet, we find out that Google has made it a lot easier to push the snooze button when your phone’s alarm is creating a lot of noise in the morning. Instead of adding the effort to swipe the thing, you can now simply solve it with the press of a button.

The new update is currently rolling out, which means that the wisest thing to do at this point if it hasn’t arrived to you yet is to simply remain patient.

Let’s be honest: we all use our smartphones to wake us up in the morning, and the Clock app can just be the right thing as long as we use it the right way. Throwing our phone out the window when we can’t stop the alarm is not an option!

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