Closer to Playing Android Games on Your PC: Google Launches the Beta Version of ‘Google Play Games’

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Remember when we were writing back in mid-December 2021 about how your Windows PC will be running Android games? Google has just made a step closer towards that major goal.

According to The Verge, the beta version of the Google Play Games has just become available. The launch occurred yesterday, January 19, and was made available for three countries: South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Play Android games on a Windows PC using ‘Google Play Games’

With the new Google Play Games service, the Mountain View-based giant promises seamless gameplay sessions between a phone, tablet, Chromebook, and Windows PC. Google Play Games will be available as a native Windows app, so we can expect to see it incorporated into Microsoft’s operating system. It will probably arrive as a Windows update for more and more PCs.

However, the above video says that in order to make it to the waitlist for beta, you’ll have to head over to If the beta version isn’t available in your region yet, you can simply choose to get notified.

Arjun Dayal, who is the group product manager at Google Play Games, declared as quoted by The Verge:

Players can easily browse, download, and play their favorite mobile games on their PCs while taking advantage of larger screens with mouse and keyboard inputs,

No more losing your progress or achievements when switching between devices; it just works with your Google Play Games profile!

Could it be easier than that? We guess not.  You shouldn’t also forget about the Play Points that Google Play Games will be offering. You can earn them by simply playing your favorite Android games via PC.

Do you want to play a Call of Duty title on a PC that doesn’t feature very powerful specs? How about PUBG Mobile? Or Fortnite? Or Asphalt 8? The arrival of the “Google Play Games” service will make it possible.

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