God of War Ragnarok Update [v. 03.00] Brings the Photo Mode and Tons of Fixes

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Those who like to play Santa Monica’s God of War Ragnarok action-adventure game for PlayStation consoles now have a new reason to be excited! Update 03.00 is now live and up for grabs, and we are glad to be able to share the patch notes with you!

The new update brings numerous fixes for God of War Ragnarok, whether we’re talking about quests, progression, narrative and story, combat, gameplay, stability and performance, audio, UI, and more. But a new feature is also available for the players to enjoy, and you’ll certainly be delighted about it if you’re among the numerous fans of God of War Ragnarok!

The Photo Mode becomes available

The Patch Notes reveal that the Photo Mode is now up and running in the game. The feature allows the players to take screenshots of the in-game world and eventually share them with their friends or foes. Of course, players can also edit those screenshots before they pass them to other people if that’s what they want.

Let’s move on with some of the most important changes that the Patch Notes reveal:


  • Fixed the issues causing the player to fall out of the world during the picking up of lost pages.
  • Improved companion behavior across a few locations when backtracking.
  • Fixed the situation when the sled spawned in the wrong location during exploration in Alfheim.
  • Fixed a few situations where the player would drop below the map if he dropped from a ledge.
  • Fixed a few cases causing the mystic gateway to reset to undiscovered when restarting from the checkpoint a few moments after
  • discovering the gateway.
  • Fixed a situation causing the companion not to join the player on the sled.
  • Fixed a situation where the targeting guide has misinformed in a puzzle element.
  • Fixed a situation where the player couldn’t advance while walking in the quest “Hunting for Solace.”
  • Fixed a bug causing the companion to fall through the world.
  • Fixed an issue causing the player to fall out of the world in Midgard at the Helheim tower.

Stability and Performance

  • Crashes don’t occur anymore when using the settings menu.
  • A possible crash during the quest “Surviving Fimbulwinter” was fixed.
  • The game doesn’t become unresponsive anymore after the defeat of the Flame Phantom and during the exploration of Vanaheim.
  • Crashes during the quest “Beyond Ragnarok” don’t occur anymore.
  • Crashes during “The Runaway” quest don’t occur anymore.
  • Crashes during the “Forging Destiny” quest were fixed.
  • The quest “Unleashed Hel” don’t cause crashes anymore.
  • The “Return of the River” quest don’t lead to crashes anymore.
  • Transitioning to the end credits don’t cause crashes anymore.
  • Using the map doesn’t cause crashes anymore.


  • Slag Horn doesn’t get stuck in the ground anymore.
  • Attacks during Valor of Fury don’t miss smaller targets anymore.
  • The player doesn’t lose functionality anymore during the changing of an equipped runic attack right after using it.
  • The stun grab prompt doesn’t disappear anymore during the battle with The Maven.
  • Fixed the situation where Kratos was able to clip into the boss and causing unwanted behavior during the “Reunion” quest.
  • Fixed the situation when progress during “The Realms of War” quest was blocked.
  • Fixed the situation causing enemies to be unable to play a hit reaction when it came to specific runic attacks on slopes.
  • Fixed the problem causing The Everlasting to become idle during the entering and exiting of the boat during the meeting.

You can find the full list of the patch notes for the new v. 03.00 update for God of War Ragnarok on Santa Monica Studio’s support page!

God of War Ragnarok is available exclusively for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles.

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