Elon Musk Plans To Remove Some Of Twitter’s Ads

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Following Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, several new features and improvements have been rolled out throughout the network. The launch of the new Twitter Blue membership service, which comes with a blue verified badge and costs $8 a month, is possibly one of the most significant developments. Although it did have some problems when it was first released, the most of the important ones have been fixed since then.

Even though not all of the features that are going to be included in Twitter Blue have been released yet, it seems that CEO Elon Musk has new goals in mind. He recently said that he wants to address the fact that Twitter’s advertisements are too frequent and too large. Even while he doesn’t specify precisely how these items would be rectified or whether the improvements will be restricted to Twitter Blue users, he did suggest that the adjustments will come in the coming weeks. He also didn’t specify whether the modifications would be exclusive to Twitter Blue members.

It seems like Musk is planning to offer a new tier of Twitter Blue that will pay more but would also entirely eradicate adverts on the site. This would be in addition to addressing the advertisements that are already shown on the network. Some users may consider this to be one of the nicest additions that have been introduced to date since it makes timelines seem more organized. Nonetheless, the timing of this announcement is very odd, taking into account the fact that certain third-party Twitter clients previously had this functionality; however, as of the previous week, that functionality was removed from those clients due to a modification in the developer agreement.

Even if the price of this brand-new service could be somewhat exorbitant, there is still a possibility that a discounted rate for users who sign up for an annual membership will be made available. Twitter has just began providing yearly subscription rates for its Twitter Blue service, which results in a $1 monthly price reduction from the standard rate.

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