Cell Appears Once Again in the Dragon Ball Super Manga

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The entire Dragon Ball community went wild last year when it was discovered that the classic DBZ villain Cell would make a return to the series in the latest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie. There’s no wonder why, however, as the biological android initially created by Dr. Gero had given a lot of headaches to Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, and the other Z warriors back in the Cell Saga of Dragon Ball Z.

Even in DBZ, Cell was way stronger than Frieza. Cell represented the next level when it came to villain power. While Frieza had his immense powers from birth, Cell stole much of his strength from his opponents after the monster had absorbed them.

In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Cell was revived and improved by Dr. Hedo, a relative of Dr. Gero, the original creator of the villain. The new version of Cell was known as Cell Max, and he was even a lot stronger than before. He wasn’t even complete, but that didn’t stop him from giving the Z warriors a run for their money.

Cell appears in his larval state in the manga

ComicBook.com reveals that Cell Max is making his appearance in the manga version of Dragon Ball Super as well. The newest arc presents teenager Trunks as he sees a fetus version of Cell Max, as the villain is in the development phase inside a disk from the laboratory of Dr. Hedo.

The information could actually mean just the beginning of Cell Max’s contribution to the manga. It’s highly likely that we’ll get to learn a lot more about the villain from the Dragon Ball Super manga.

The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie had an incredible success back in 2022, and probably its fanbase is even more prevalent now. That’s probably due to the fact that the film has totally left aside both Goku and Vegeta, who are usually the main heroes of Dragon Ball.

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