Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Introduces Teen Goku in New DLC – Check Out Screenshots

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Listen up, all you Dragon Ball Z fans out there! Get ready to power up and charge your Kamehameha waves because Teen Goku is finally joining the ranks of playable characters in the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot game! That’s right, the spiky-haired hero we all know and love is coming to the game with the arrival of the “Chaos at the World Tournament” DLC!

Get ready to relive the good old days when Goku was still a young, naive boy and not the all-powerful savior of the universe we know today. With Teen Goku, you’ll be able to experience the classic battles and adventures that made Dragon Ball Z the iconic franchise it is today. Imagine flying on the Nimbus Cloud, mastering the Kamehameha wave, and training with Master Roshi to become the greatest martial artist in the world!

So, get ready to suit up in your orange gi and channel your inner Saiyan warrior because with Teen Goku joining the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot game, the battles are about to get even more epic! Don’t miss out on this exciting new addition to the game and get ready to save the world, one Kamehameha wave at a time!

Not only will we get to play as the legendary Teen Goku, but we also get to witness one of the most epic battles in Dragon Ball history: Goku versus Piccolo!

That’s right, folks; get ready to witness the ultimate showdown between the greatest warrior and the greatest villain in the Dragon Ball universe. It’s the fight that gave birth to a thousand memes and inspired countless cosplay battles. With the new DLC, we get to relive the iconic moment when Goku faced off against the dastardly Namekian in a clash of epic proportions.

So, grab some popcorn and your favorite energy drink, because this is a fight you don’t want to miss. Will Goku be able to save the world yet again, or will Piccolo reign supreme? Find out for yourself in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’s “Chaos at the World Tournament” DLC!

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