Twitter Blue Subscribers Will Have to Pay More If They Don’t Want Ads

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Let’s face it: ads are like the uninvited relatives that keep showing up at parties and are willing to bore everyone’s legs with their bad jokes. Nobody wants them! But that doesn’t mean that both ads and uninvited relatives don’t have their roles and charm sometimes.

Those who enjoy using Twitter but are willing to use even more customizable options can surely give Twitter Blue a chance. It’s the name of a new monthly subscription that can surely spice things up a lot for Twitter users. But as it always happens in life, nothing is for free, not even many of those things that don’t cost money.

Elon Musk admits that Twitter has too many ads, but his solution might not please everyone

Even Elon Musk, the CEO and owner of Twitter, acknowledged that the social platform has way too many ads. He plans to fix the situation in the coming weeks, and he already knows how he will do it. The solution will clearly upset some people: charging subscribers of Twitter Blue more so that they can see fewer ads.

Currently, those who are subscribed to Twitter Blue have to pay $7.99 per month in order to see half the amount of ads that they would normally be bombarded with.

Surprisingly or not, Elon Musk’s tweet where he announced a raise in pricing for subscribers was liked by hundreds of thousands of users. This is perhaps due to the fact that people are tired of ads popping up and occupying way too much space.

At this point, it’s unknown how much the new subscriptions for Twitter Blue will cost in the case of those who want an ad-free experience. However, we’ll get enough information soon to solve the mystery.

Stay tuned for more news about Twitter and what else Elon Musk announces!

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