Samsung: Upcoming Displays May Come With Health Monitoring Functions

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Long-awaited smartwatch-like health monitoring features may soon be possible on Samsung’s next-gen screens. Recently, a South Korean firm showcased the innovative capabilities of their all-in-one Sensor OLED at an event. Among these capabilities include the ability to monitor blood pressure and to scan fingerprints over the entire display.

Samsung has previously demonstrated its ability to accurately measure blood pressure, whereas Apple is currently working out the kinks in including such a feature in its Watch Series. The CEO of Samsung Display, JS Choi, has said that they are developing an OLED 2.0 display. And that might be available by 2025 with all sorts of ground-breaking enhancements.

The executive spoke of Samsung’s recently introduced organic photodiode sensor, which can detect several fingerprint inputs simultaneously across the entire display surface. The company claims that this will increase security by a factor of 2.5109 when compared to registering one fingerprint profile.

Biosensor-equipped Samsung Galaxy smartphone

It was also suggested that the next screens would allow the leading mobile manufacturer to integrate biosensors to measure users’ health data, including blood pressure and glucose levels. These screens might also incorporate 5G antennas to boost connection and shrink smartphone form factors even further.

Samsung didn’t share full technical aspects like the accompanied technique or how to get accurate results. When connected to an external monitor, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro can measure blood pressure. In his review, Stefan Möllenhoff had a look at the Cyborg M1 glucose monitor from Ultrahuman, which does not require a needle to measure glucose levels in the blood.

Apple is reportedly rumored to unveil a watch that can monitor blood pressure. The two new patents reveal a wide range of potential applications for such technologies at the Cupertino firm. It is currently unknown when this function will become available.

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