Twitter Blue Returns – How Much Does It Cost?

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Elon Musk has only been Twitter’s CEO for a little over a month, but he has already made significant changes. It has been announced that Twitter Blue will be relaunched on December 12th. Even though the “new” Twitter Blue will cost the same $8 per month as it did before, there will be a separate, more expensive pricing tier for iOS app users who subscribe to the service. There will be some additional tweaks to Twitter as well.

According to the company’s official Twitter page, the monthly fee for iOS users who access the service through their mobile devices is $11. Naturally, this shift is a reaction to Apple’s inflexible 30 percent fee for in-app and App Store purchases. Anyone looking to save money on Twitter subscriptions can always do so by signing up directly through the service’s website.

The new Twitter Blue has the same perks as the old Twitter Blue, but now Twitter will verify accounts before giving out the blue verified badge. A valid phone number is also required for verification purposes by the company. In an effort to maintain order on the platform, Twitter has informed users that making any such changes to their handle, display name, or profile photo will result in a temporary loss of the blue verified badge and a subsequent request for verification from the service.

Also, on Monday, Twitter will no longer label certain companies as “official,” a designation it began using recently. A gold badge will denote companies whose legitimacy has been established on the hub in the future. As an added bonus, verified government will be given a gray badge. As a result of these modifications and the updated parameters for the blue verified badge, the platform should once again be safe from imposters.


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