Players in Overwatch 2 Have a New Way to Acquire Coins

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If you’re an Overwatch 2 player who wants to buy some cosmetic items with Overwatch Coins but would rather not spend real money doing so, you now have a choice. Blizzard revealed this week that Overwatch 2 would be joining the Microsoft Rewards program, allowing users to exchange their points for in-game currency without having to pay anything out of pocket.

You don’t need any prior experience with Microsoft Rewards to get started. You sign up for the program on this page, and then you earn points by performing daily actions like utilizing Bing to do research, taking quizzes, and otherwise engaging with Microsoft’s online offerings. It’s like other sites that offer incentives in exchange for completing surveys, but this one’s for real, and it’s easy to rack up points in your spare time thanks to Bing searches.

With that out of the way, after you’ve accumulated enough Microsoft Rewards points to spend or have begun earning them, you can exchange them for Overwatch Coins. You can choose from three methods on the Microsoft Rewards site right now: Trade in 200 Overwatch Coins for 1,800 Microsoft Rewards points, 500 Coins for $5,000, or 1,000 Coins for $10,000.

When you consider how much some Overwatch 2 skins can cost, the price/value ratio isn’t fantastic. However, if you view this as a method to supplement your budget rather than replace it, it’s not a horrible deal. Overwatch 2’s promotion website does state that the 200 Coins bargain is a special pricing available for a limited period, so you shouldn’t count on it being there for very long.

According to the aforementioned tweet, Microsoft is holding a Microsoft Rewards sweepstakes in which the grand prize is an Xbox Series X decked up in Overwatch 2 merchandise. Although you can use Microsoft Rewards points to enter, you’d be better off saving up for Overwatch Coins.

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