The Sims 5 Development Update: Here’s What’s New

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Eight years after the debut of The Sims 4, the game keeps improving with impressive expansion packs and game packs. Despite this, gamers have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of The Sims 5 for some time, especially since the game’s developers began dropping clues about its progress.

According to fresh job listings on Electronic Art’s official website, the creation of the next iteration of Sims is in the works. The Sims 5’s development will be covered by Maxis Europe. EA is recruiting for a Character Artist (Remote in Europe), Animator, and Senior Environment Artist to collaborate on the upcoming gen Sims Game or The Sims 5. The Sims 5 development cycle is clearly still in full swing, as seen by this.

On the basis of the recent track record, we predict The Sims 5 will be launched first on PC. Eventually, it’ll be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X as well. You can count on Electronic Arts to keep up the good work when the fifth installment comes out.

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On the other hand, those who are eager to learn more about The Sims 5’s development are in for a treat. In a recent interview with VentureBeat, Electronic Arts’ Chief Studio Officer Laura Miele touched on The Sims 5 (without referring to it as the game’s fifth iteration). What can The Sims fans anticipate from the next generation of games, and what prospects are there for multiplayer and the next iteration of The Sims?

I think 20 years later we learned a lot about how players interact, what motivates players, how players can come together co-operatively and so as you imagine as we think about the next generation of The Sims it’s SUPER important for us to have the best tools, the most flexibility and for players to really expand on their creativity, remix items and objects in the world. And then to do that together – I think that’s one of our biggest opportunities with The Sims is the social connection component that we need to bring to this brand and this franchise. The team is hard at work on the next generation of that experience.

Despite not referring to it as The Sims 5, Miele confirmed that Maxis is presently operating on the next phase of Sims games. She discussed some of the features that would be included in this next generation of Sims games.

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