Nintendo Brings New Trailer for ‘Mario Strikers: Battle League’

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Who said that the legendary Super Mario character could not be better at playing football than Messi or Ronaldo? We’ve seen the famous Italian plumber already in so many insane postures, and it’s time for him to become a football player as well!

Mario Strikers: Battle League is coming out in early June 2022. As you’ve probably already guessed, it will only be available for the Nintendo Switch console. It couldn’t be otherwise, considering that Mario without Nintendo would be like Thor without his hammer or like Ash without Pikachu.

New ‘Mario Strikers: Battle League’ trailer is OUT now!

Luckily for all the numerous Super Mario fans on the planet, the developers in charge of the game are once again bringing a trailer to show what the title is all about.

As you can easily conclude from the trailer, you’ll see other characters as well from the Super Mario world in the new game. You might be a fan of the Mushroom, Wario, or even the frightening Bowser who kidnaps the Princess to do God knows what to the poor innocent girl.

In Mario Strikers: Battle League, the players can even use many dirty tricks to steal the ball from an opponent. The foul rule isn’t available here, which is great!
Check out Nintendo’s description for the upcoming game:

Lace up your cleats & prepare to bring the heat in Mario Strikers: Battle League!

Fierce special shots, items, & tackles means there’s no rules except to rule the field! Play with up to 8 players locally & online, and even create your own club when Mario Strikers: Battle League launches on Nintendo Switch June 10th.

Are you also excited to see Super Mario as he knocks the ball on the field and tries to score goals? If so, you have just about a month left to wait for the new game to come out!

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