Pokemon GO Bug Causes Professor Willow to Appear Twice

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Professor Willow is the type of person who would help new Pokemon trainers learn new stuff that mostly consists of the basics. In other words, he’s that kind of Professor who many people will love.

But regardless of how much a Pokemon GO fan may like Professor Willow, seeing him displayed twice in the same frame is pretty awkward. And it’s obviously the result of a glitch. That’s what has been happening lately in the famous augmented reality game, according to Dexerto.

The two Professor Willows were overlapping one another, as reported by the Pokemon GO player who posted the tweet that appears above. Hopefully, no other players of the game had to deal with the technical issue. The error took place during the Go Fest event this year.

Pokemon GO still faces huge success, mainly for its simple but original concept that it brought even since the game’s release back in 2016: exploring the real world in order to catch those Pokemon. Of course, you can also train them and involve them in battles, just like in the related anime.

Pokemon carries an enormous legacy, as it’s now having a lot of success mainly due to its video games. As for the animes, the shows introduced around 900 of those Pokemon that trainers love to catch, train, and get them to battle. There are eight generations of Pokemon, and probably a lot more will come in the future.

We’re eagerly expecting some news from Niantic on the issue, so stay tuned for more news!

You can play Pokemon GO even if you don’t have an Android phone. The game also works for iOS and iPadOS devices. This means that the game is compatible with any modern device that’s able to display colorful animations on display.

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