GTA Online: Everything New With The Criminal Enterprises DLC

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Players of GTA Online will be thrilled to learn that The Criminal Enterprises DLC will provide brand-new content to the game in the form of new objectives to complete and new cars to drive. Players will also be able to look forward to additional customization options for their vehicles. Although the developers have started to move their attention and resources toward the creation of GTA 6, the material is still being released for Grand Theft Auto V even though GTA Online is still running strong.

The most recent update is a downloadable content pack known as The Criminal Enterprises, and it was released as GTA Online’s summer content for the year 2022. This upgrade intends to bring about enhancements as well as brand-new material such as missions and cars. Here is all you need to know about the forthcoming Criminal Enterprises DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online, for those of you who are interested in purchasing it.

On July 26, 2022, the Criminal Enterprises downloadable content pack for GTA Online is scheduled to become available. In the Rockstar blog, the update is described as a “sweeping update” that brings new quests and improvements to GTA Online. These include significant additions to the business opportunities for Criminal Careers, as well as new, intricate Contact Missions with players functioning as agents for the IAA, and many other additions and improvements.

As part of the update for The Criminal Enterprises, new vehicles will be rolling out throughout the course of the summer. These will include two new Imani Tech-eligible cars, which will bring with them a variety of unique enhancements such as remote control and missiles lock-on jammer, among other things. In addition, there will be brand new showroom levels where users will be able to test drive a variety of brand new automobiles or just buy them on the spot.

According to Rockstar, there will also be new Tuners cars, and Benny’s Original Motor Works will get an upgrade that improves its capacity to work on different vehicles. In addition, Rockstar has said that there will be new Tuners vehicles. In addition, a brand-new vehicle will be available by the end of the summer for players who are using the most recent generation of gaming consoles, and some of the original cars will be receiving broader and unexpected customization options…which will give them a new appearance and a new lease on life.


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