Tower of Fantasy: How To Get The SSR Character Of Your Dreams From The Beginning

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Tower of Fantasy is unique among games of its kind since it has a gacha system centered on weaponry. There are three varieties of these weapons: R, SR, and SSR; the latter two have a new Simulacrum character skin.

At the time of a game’s release, developers often provide out free bonuses to celebrate. Due to the high number of people who pre-registered for Tower of Fantasy, the game’s SSR Weapon Summoning feature was made available to gamers on launch day at no cost.

This free SSR is gained at random via the gacha system, however there is a technique to guarantee that your preferred weapon or character will be received.

If you weren’t successful in gaining the SSR you were hoping for, you may try again by clicking the Reroll button. A reroll is essentially a fresh start in the game where you create a new account until you find a character and weapon that you like.

Using the following procedures, you can do this in around 20 minutes in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Make sure you can access any other email accounts you set up, since a verification code will be issued there.
  • Linking social media accounts adds complexity when rerolling, although it is an option for players.
  • After signing up and selecting a server, a brief tutorial will begin automatically.
  • Make a choice. If you don’t receive your SSR, make sure you’re using a placeholder name or you’ll lose your preferred nick. The original name isn’t set in stone and may be changed.
  • It is possible to complete the prologue without eliminating the third wave of opponents.
  • The next step is to assist Shiri with some mundane duties as outlined in the Quest Guide.
  • When the time comes, Shiri will hand you a jetpack and tell you to report to the Astra Omnium Tower.
  • The Ecological Station Intruders Quest may be initiated by walking straight to the tower, use the elevator, and speaking with the robot.
Tower of Fantasy’s Gacha System Unlocking
  • Once the adversaries have been vanquished, the Special Orders Menu, together with the Launch Rewards and Other Mission bonus, will become available in the Ecological Station.
  • To purchase your first SSR from the Choice Weapons Banner in the Special Order Section, you will require 30 Gold Nucleus.
  • The 30 Gold Nucleus may be obtained by claiming the 10 Free Nucleus that Tower of Fantasy is offering in the Social Networking Section.
  • When you first start playing Tower of Fantasy, you’ll have access to a beginner’s pity system. After spending 30 Golden Nucleus on the Weapon of Choice Banner, you will get an SSR weapon (permanent Banner).
  • On top of that, every 10 pulls, players are guaranteed to get at least one SR Weapon.
  • To proceed, you must now exert all your might on the Gold Nucleus. After another 10 pulls, on the third attempt, a golden portrait of a character will emerge, signifying the acquisition of a Secret Skill Requirement.
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