Genshin Impact: Update Delayed Due to Lockdown in Shanghai

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Genshin Impact players have heard lots of rumors about the new updates. One of the most important things heard was that Version 2.7 could be delayed because of the nasty situation in Shanghai, as the city is still in lockdown.

Developers HoYoverse – formerly known as miHoYo – are based in Shanghai. The city is now facing a really bad Covid outbreak – maybe the worst since the pandemic started at the end of 2019. They are living under strict lockdown measures, and all of the quarantine centers are overcrowded.

The lockdown in Shanghai started on March 28, and it impacted the life of everyone out there, including that of the developers of the game. It was the schedule published by HoYoverse that started all of the rumors.

On the 13th of April, HoYoverse released the Event Preview for the second part of Version 2.6. They showed the dates for the next rerun of Marvelous Merchandise, which is a well-known event. This event is listed to last from May 6 to May 13. But as you probably already know, Genshin Impact has always followed a six-week schedule between updates, so Version 2.7 should be launching on May 11. This could mean that Version 2.7 will be delayed.

The Serenitea Pot maintenance started on the 30th of March, and it is still not done.

What about the new characters?

HoYoverse has revealed that Yelan and Kuki Shinobu are the two new characters that will be released in Version 2.7. But if Version 2.7 gets delayed, it means that another banner rerun could be released soon.

All in all, we hope Shanghai will get through the outbreak safe and sound, as we can wait for the new versions patiently.

HoYoverse has not addressed the rumors, and we don’t know how the situation affects the development of our favorite game.

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