Digimon Survive: Follow Our Guide To Beat Zhuqiaomon

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If you’re playing Digimon Survive and would like to know how to beat Zhuqiaomon, keep reading! Many Digimon may be befriended and added to your collection as you explore the world of Digimon Survive. However, there are certain Digimon you just cannot reason with; Zhuqiaomon is one of them. One of the game’s four Sovereign Monsters, Zhuqiaomon requires significant effort to get in Digimon Survive. To get Zhuqiaomon, one must first use the Ultimate Enlightenment Slab to facilitate the transformation of Yatagaramon into the monster. The only way to achieve this, however, is to first complete our instruction on how to beat Zhuqiaomon in Digimon Survive.

One of the ultimate Mega Evolutions of a little Digimon called Falcomon, Zhuqiaomon is a powerful creature. Part 12 of the True Ending has Zhuqiaomon as the boss, and as we’ve established, this is not a Digimon you can be friends with. Defeating this Digimon will provide access to a new branch of the Falcomon Mega Evolution tree.

For those who want to know how to beat Zhuqiaomon in Digimon Survive, here it is:

  1. Form a good six-member Digimon squad.
  2. You should equip your Digimon with fire resistance. Attack (250 fire damage) and Crimson Blaze are Zhuqiaomon’s two offensive skills (480 fire damage). Crimson Blaze also has a strong probability of lowering the target’s PHYS DEF and SP DEF by two levels.
  3. Zhuqiaomon has a passive ability called Sovereign Protection: Blaze, which boosts his fire power by two levels. Status abnormalities and stat losses are also greatly mitigated by this ability. As a result, you shouldn’t rely on Digimon, which requires these kind of abilities.
  4. Zhuqiaomon is especially vulnerable to the effects of Water and Earth. So, use Digimons for this kind of assault.

Once you follow our advice, you’ll have no trouble beating Zhuqiaomon in a fair battle. For Falcomon, a new branch of the Mega Evolution tree will open up after you’ve triumphed. If you employ the Ultimate Enlightenment Slab on your Yatagaramon, you’ll be rewarded with a Zhuqiaomon, a powerful Sovereign Monster.

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