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After almost four years since its initial announcement, the much-anticipated game Pokémon Sleep has finally been confirmed to be on its way. In a recent Pokémon Presents event, it was announced that the game would finally be released sometime this summer, as Engadget reveals.

Interestingly, the game was initially planned to launch back in 2020 but was delayed for some reasons. Despite the long wait, it appears that the game will be worth it for Pokémon fans who are eagerly anticipating its release.

Pokemon Sleep will track your sleep

In the upcoming game Pokemon Sleep, your sleep will be analyzed and classified into one of three categories: dozing, snoozing, and slumbering. As a result, Pokemon with similar sleep habits will gravitate towards Snorlax. The more you play, the higher your chances of unlocking uncommon sleep patterns for different Pokemon.

Snorlax, the giant and sleepy Pokémon, is perhaps the most relatable creature in the entire Pokémon universe. With its round belly and love for snoozing, Snorlax is the very definition of a couch potato. But don’t let its laziness fool you – when it wakes up, it’s a force to be reckoned with!

Snorlax’s love for napping is so legendary that it even has a move called “Rest,” which puts it to sleep for two turns while it recovers health. And when it’s not sleeping, it’s often seen chowing down on berries or other delicious treats. Snorlax is the ultimate foodie, and it’s not afraid to show it.

But don’t think that Snorlax is all fluff and no substance. When it’s time to battle, it’s a formidable opponent. Its powerful attacks, such as “Body Slam” and “Hyper Beam,” can knock out even some of the strongest of Pokémon.

Do you think you have what it takes to become victorious in Pokemon Sleep?

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