Samsung Offers Users Self-Repair Parts to Fix Their Phones

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Let’s admit it: we’re all hesitant when it comes to handing our phone to a person who’s working in a GSM service to get it fixed. Human curiosity can often be stronger than the sense of professional work, and we wouldn’t want an unknown person to find out what we have stored in our device’s memory.

Samsung brings the solution, as it now offers a self-repair program to the world! Whether you own a Galaxy S20, S21, or Galaxy Tab S7+ device, there’s the iFixit team-up ready to offer you the right components and tools that you need to ‘revive’ your beloved gadgets. In case you get stuck, there’s no need to worry, as the program will also provide you with the right guides to get the job done.

The South-Korean behemoth couldn’t have been any clearer with its announcement via the official website:

Samsung is now offering even more solutions for you to repair your device. Get more out of your Samsung device with iFixit. For those interested in making their own repairs, Samsung has partnered with iFixit to offer more solutions for fixing many common device issues. Samsung genuine parts are currently available for Galaxy S20, S21 and Tab S7+ models.

You can explore repair guides for different areas of a phone, such as the display, the charging port, or the back glass.

We knew even since April about Samsung’s intention to give users the opportunity of repairing their phones by themselves. It was obvious from the start that the program won’t be available for those who own non-Samsung phones. But even so, the move is a great one considering that the South-Korean tech giant remains the most successful smartphone manufacturer in the world.

Will you be willing to self-repair your Samsung phone if you have one at home?

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