Samsung Will Let Its Users Repair Their Own Phones

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When you say ‘Samsung,’ the first thing that pops into your mind is the image of a smartphone. You just have to admit it! That’s why the South Korean tech giant has to do everything it can to keep its huge fanbase. We’re talking about the most successful smartphone manufacturer in the world.

Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Samsung is now letting its users grab and start repairing their own phones. The big news is brought by CNN, and it will surely delight a lot of people who aren’t comfortable with the idea of handing over their beloved phone, along with all their important files and data, to a professional when the poor device starts to malfunction. By the way, is there ANYBODY out there who’s comfortable with such an idea? Perhaps nobody.

Samsung gives users access to repair tools, genuine parts, and repair guides

Samsung seems to be taking their idea very seriously since it gives users access to pretty much all they need in order to repair their phones. They’ll get the right tools and access to genuine parts. If they get stuck, which is normal since nobody was born fixing Samsung phones as far as we know, there will even be repair guides available.

However, not every fellow who owns a Samsung phone will get to benefit from the South Korean giant’s new program. Those who have a Galaxy S20 or S21 model of Samsung phone or even a Galaxy Tab S7+ tablet will be the first to benefit from Samsung’s upcoming program.

The new individual fixing program, if we can call it that way, will start being available this summer. In other words, there’s not much to wait for. Feel free to tell us in the comment section if you consider the possibility of fixing your Samsung phone by yourself!

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