Dragon Ball Super: You Can Watch the Opening Scene for the New ‘Super Hero’ Movie NOW

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the movie that’s been keeping fans of the franchise excited for months, is once again revealing some of its footage. We’re all being reminded of how the beloved Saiyan Goku, who was only a child, managed to defeat the entire Red Ribbon Army and spoil all of its dirty tricks many years ago.

‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ has already riched an incredible milestone when it comes to audience, although it has not been released yet in other parts of the world except for Japan. The film’s story will give Gohan a chance to become the main hero once again after a long while when he preferred studying instead of fighting. Piccolo will also be there, as he’s probably the only one who can motivate Goku’s son enough to unleash his tremendous powers once again.

If you remember Mercenary Tao or the very first androids of the Red Ribbon Army, it means that you might have had a great childhood! They’re all present in the new intro trailer of the movie as a reminder that Goku managed to get rid of them all while he was only a kid, but a very strong one!

We can also see the comeback of the evil organization in Dragon Ball Z when Goku became an adult and had a family of his own. The villain known as Cell was the Red Ribbon Army’s ultimate weapon, but Gohan was just an 11-year-old Super Saiyan who taught them a lesson they won’t forget.

But the Red Ribbon Army is once again back from the ashes in the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, being revived by another mad scientist who’s willing to have his revenge on the Z warriors. Goku and Vegeta won’t be around this time to save the day, and that might really not be an advantage for the Red Ribbon Army and the new androids.

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