My Hero Academia Chapter 338: Will Aoyama Be Forgiven?

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My Hero Academia is a very popular show, which has managed to win the heart of the audience since day one. It tells the story of Izuku Midoriya, who is a young boy that has a very weird personality. But he gets to meet his idol, All Might and his life changes. He wants to become the world’s best hero, and with his idol’s help, he’s just bound to do so.

We have written this article to give you all the details we’ve learned so far about My Hero Academia Chapter 338.

It seems that things are bound to get serious. We know that Aoyama is the traitor, and he still regrets that he chose to serve All For One. Deku thinks that Aoyama cannot be the bad guy, since he was forced to make this mistake. He stated that Aoyama can still become a Hero.

In the new chapter, we are bound to hear more about him. Now, he has no choice but to explain everything to his parents. But the good thing is that everyone in Class 1-A has forgiven him because he has the spirit of a hero. Mic is the only one who sees him unworthy of forgiveness. But Lida, who represents the male class, stated that Aoyama should be used to their advantage. But they will need a good strategy.

At the end of chapter 338, we see Class 1-A realizing they need new equipment, so they take a look at the “Development Studies” section. There, Hatsume is waiting for Aoyama.

What happens to Tsukauchi?

Tsukauchi is not sure whether to allow Aoyama to be in the gang anymore. They don’t know if he’s going to make other mistakes. He also talks to Aoyama’s parents, asking them why they didn’t tell AFO about the Kamino raid. They said they couldn’t since AFO had not contacted them.


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