USS Texas Might Return In Vanguard As Per New Leaks

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Vanguard gamers are continuing to voice their dissatisfaction with the game’s lack of fresh content, despite the fact that the game’s third season of post-launch DLC was less than satisfying.

Players are focusing their attention on the beginning of Season 4 in the hopes that it would bring with it more fresh material. This is because there was no crossover with the Operation Monarch event. According to the most current information that has surfaced, Sledgehammer Games is taking notes.

It is not unprecedented for older maps to appear in more recent games. Shipment and the Dome map from Modern Warfare 3 are already adapted for use in Vanguard’s gameplay. According to the rumor that was leaked, the Call of Duty WWII ship USS Texas will be making a comeback as part of the content strategy for Season 4.

Is USS Texas back?

With just a few weeks left before the start of Season 4, the developer of Vanguard should start disseminating information about what’s in store for it. Despite this, it seems that cracks usually form first. According to “CODSploitzLeaks,” lines inside the Vanguard game files reference USS Texas, suggesting that the game’s release might come at any time in the near future.

The gameplay of USS Texas takes place inside the confines of a United States Navy warship and includes many floors that give the map some verticality. The tiny core area lends itself to lots of intense close-quarters combat, but the extensive sightlines along each side make it great for snipers to deliver devastating damage.

Fans of competitive Call of Duty are curious as to why London Docks or Sainte Marie du Mont weren’t chosen as the next location for battle royales instead of the USS Texas, which has been brought back for a third time.

Always remember to take rumors with a grain of salt, since there is always a possibility that additional iconic maps may be added to the game’s rotation. In the meanwhile, we will be required to hold tight until the plan for Season 4 reveals all of the intelligence.

The premiere of Vanguard Season 4 is slated to take place on June 22.

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