Genshin Impact to Be Censored in China

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Genshin Impact 2.4 had to go through a server maintenance. After that, MiHoYo has announced that there were new female outfits awaiting us.

The game will add alternate outfits for Amber, Jean, Mona and Rosaria. Of course, they will not replace the default outfits. Or will they? It seems that things are different in China.

What’s happening with the game there?

We don’t want to call it censorship, as it is a self-regulation. The company took this decision after some outside pressure. There are plenty of Chinese gaming companies that started to self-regulate with guidelines. This means they are changing the content of their games in China.

The English and Japanese Twitter accounts have stated that these are alternate outfits, and that they won’t come as a replacement for the default outfits.

But the Chinese announcement was quite different. They will change the base outfits for these four female characters. This means that there will be new default outfits on the Chinese servers. The outfits are still in development, and they can look quite different as a final product.

miHoYo will make some adjustments on characters and on certain scenes. They have also apologized to the Chinese player base, and each one of them got 1200 Primogems as compensation. The alternate outfits for Rosaria and Jean will cover the skin and cleavage, and Mona will not have the leotard outfit anymore, either.

Will this also happen around the world?

It is highly unlikely. miHoYo has created another company outside of China, called Cognosphere, and it is now the new distributor of Genshin Impact. All of the documents are under the name of Cognosphere now. Players were asked to accept the Privacy Policy again.


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