Warzone Gulag Entry Token: What’s the Deal With It?

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The update for Warzone called Season 3 Reloaded makes a lot of changes to the battle royale mode. In the update, the Champion of Caldera LTM and the Underground Transit System have both been added. Along with the new characters comes a brand-new in-game token called the Gulag Entry Token.

The Gulag Entry Token is similar to the Redeploy Extraction Token, but it gives players another chance to win a one-on-one duel and get back into the action.

The Gulag Entry Token is very rare. It’s among the rarest things you can find on Caldera and Rebirth Island. It gives you another chance to win. Here is all you need to know about the Warzone Gulag Entry Token.

So what is this Warzone Gulag Entry Token?

The Gulag Entry Token gives players a second chance to get back into the action without their teammates having to pay Cash to buy them back. If you die while carrying a Token, you will go back to where you died as if it were your first time. If you beat your opponent in battle, you can drop back into the action and try again.

But if the Gulag closes while you have a Token, you’ll get some cash as a reward for not going to the Hold.

How to get this token?

Like most items in Warzone, a Gulag Entry Token can be found in one of the many Supply Crates spread out across Caldera. The Token has the post-death symbol on it, and it is a Legendary item, which makes it hard to find.

There is no clear place to find one, so make sure to open every Supply Crate you find during a game.

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