Twitch Possibly Reveals GTA 6 Logo

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The gaming world has been eager to find out some fresh new details about GTA 6 after Rockstar finally admitted that the game is under development. The next installment of the legendary series cannot possibly disappoint the fans, judging by the information we have.

There are a lot of voices on the internet bringing crucial info about how GTA 6 will be and will not be. Thanks to these folks, we know that GTA 6 will also be featuring three protagonists, including a badass woman, the location set in Vice City, and so on. Of course, there are some who are skeptical about such claims, but hey, better than nothing, right?

Twitch leak confirms the return to Vice City

A lot of rumors indicate a return to Vice City along with GTA 6. That would surely be a winning ticket for Rockstar, considering that the 2002 title GTA Vice City was insanely successful. A remake of that map could only be beneficial for the series.

According to, a new leak via the Twitch streaming service confirms that GTA 6 will be set on Vice City. To be more precise, the platform unveils a possible logo of the long-awaited game, and here you have it:

As for GTA 5, the latest major iteration of the Grand Theft Auto series, it’s already almost nine years old since it was first released. The fans of the series never had to wait so long for a sequel of the game to launch, but hopefully, it will be worth the effort!

GTA 5 had the location set in Los Santos, meaning a remake of a part of the map from GTA San Andreas, the game released in 2004. If we see a similar formula once again, the chances are great that GTA 6 will be even more successful than any other game of its series.

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