Pokemon GO Will Bring New Social Features

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Pokemon GO conquered the hearts of many gamers and Pokemon fans through a relatively simple but unique concept: make them search for Pokemon in the real world. Yes, you’ve read that right! Pokemon is the augmented reality game that allows a player to capture those pocket monsters by scanning the real environment!

Pokemon GO rapidly began a worldwide phenomenon. It reached its peak in 2021, and it’s certainly not doing bad in 2022. At this point, the developers did what any other developer would do: update the game as often as possible.

New social features to bring people together

According to pokemonlive.com, new stuff is coming to the game – new social features probably represent the best news. These are brought to help bring people together even more. There will also be new bonuses and changes for items in the shop.

Here’s an important paragraph from the official announcement published by the Pokemon Team:

The new social features—some of which are based in a separate Niantic app—have been tested over time and will be available in Pokémon GO sometime in the next few months. Our hope is that these features will make it easier for Trainers to communicate with each other, discover new communities, and enjoy local raid battles.

Therefore, the wisest thing to do at this point is to equip yourself with patience and wait for the update to arrive. You should see the change on your phone’s app in a few months, so make sure you keep it connected to a wifi network!

Pokemon GO caused a lot of friendships, and it will continue likewise for a lot of time! That’s the whole purpose of playing the game for many people: to make friends.

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