GTA Online: You Can Get a Powerful Vehicle for FREE

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Let’s face it: playing GTA Online is not exactly easy. The servers are almost always full of gamers willing to compete against each other to prove who’s boss. Dangers are lurking at every corner in the game, especially if the police start chasing you.

Running away from the police in GTA 5 is one of the most exciting and amusing stuff you can do. It can test your patience, skills, and attention as you constantly have to avoid those cars and helicopters trying to shoot you or block you as the wanted level increases. But regardless of how good you are, you can’t possibly dodge all those bullets while maneuvering the car. That’s why your vehicle will surely explode at some point if the bullets keep coming. You’ll be forced to exit and grab another car, and it can be suicide to get out of a car right into a storm of bullets, cops, and FBI agents shooting at you. That’s why having an armored vehicle as the getaway car is your best bet.

Luckily, Rockstar comes to lend you a hand!

Get Armored Kuruma for FREE until June 22!

Rockstar’s new offer is a free Armored Kuruma vehicle that you can grab from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos. You’ll also need to act fast, as the offer expires in less than a week! June 22 is the dead-end!

Rockstar even made the announcement via Twitter, so there’s no use thinking even for a second that the news is a hoax!

GTA 5 never ceases to amaze us! Did you know that the game’s script was 3,500 pages long?

If you still haven’t played GTA 5 yet (or GTA Online, the online mode of the game itself), you can run it on plenty of platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, Windows PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

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